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Dealing with Unexpected Change

Novel Corona-virus is becoming a part of our daily life. It brought stress and anxiety into our personal and professional space.

In this blog, I will share FIVE efficient tips that will help you during this tough time.


Acknowledge that this is the new normal

Our most rewarding action is to acknowledge its presence and impact on our life. Accept it as the present reality and allow yourself to be with it in a compassionate way. Accept and embrace your humanity and emotions. This will help you to cope and then to produce.

Keep a positive attitude

A positive attitude is an advantage during this time. When you change your perspective and focus, what seems to be a problem, may, in fact, be an opportunity. This is because a negative event could be a wake-up call and a motive that leads to progress and success.

For example, think about what you would do if you lost your job!! I know it’s not easy for most of us, but it would allow you to find a better opportunity or to pursue your dream or passion.

A support system is important

If you find yourself feeling stressed and overwhelmed, reach out to your support system and talk to them about what’s going on inside your head. Believe me, they want to talk too, and it will be a big relief for all of you.

You are not alone!

In such moments, you must remember that you are not alone and sadly there are other people who are maybe going through a worse situation. Be grateful.

How much you can control?

In times of crisis, we tend to do everything in our hands to control and handle everything. Breathe, slow down and figure out how much control over the situation you really have.

In addition, ask yourself the following questions:

· What can I do now?

· What kind of resources is available to me now?

· How can I help myself?

· What are the available options?

· What is my next step?

Remember, this crisis will end, and it will reveal us. I made a promise to myself that this one will show the best out of me. Stay safe.

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