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Communication Qualities of Great Leaders

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

John C. Maxwell once said, ‘Leadership is influence’. It is impossible to become a great leader without being a great communicator as its very important to interact properly with your team or audience to reach them emotionally and to attract and hold them together.
Through their communication skills, leaders can encourage, motivate, inspire people and make them act the way they want. In this article, I am sharing some of the communication qualities that all great leaders possess.

Leaders are Honest and Authentic

Leaders are honest while communicating or addressing to public. There is no better way to win trust than being authentic in what you are saying.

They Give an Attention

This is the common quality that great leaders possess in communication. When they talk to a group, each individual feel that he is the one been talking to. The great leaders are great communicators and they know how to make every person feels important.

They Use Feedback as a Tool

A good communication is a two-way process and leaders know this. Therefore, they don’t assume that everyone is understanding the same thing, that’s why they use feedback as a tool to see if the message is clear. In case it’s not, then they adjust the way or the medium of communication.


Great leaders show empathy & caring. They consider other people feelings and circumstances.

Great Leaders Listen

They make sure to let others know that they have been heard, and encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings fully.

Simplifies the complexities

As we are talking about the leaders in general, the industry could be complex, and great leaders simplifies these complexities for their staff. They become the voice that clears the mindsets of the staff.

Knows time is money

Great leaders Knows that time is money, so they provide clear directions. There is no waste of time.

Now, you know the most effective communication qualities great leaders possess. To become one, start to adopt these qualities, excel in communication, not only to be a leader! But to be a great one.
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